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Music Chats: Get To Know APRA AMCOS


Join Chris O’Neill for an educational session on all things APRA AMCOS! Click here to RSVP.

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Music Chats: Break Through The Noise


Get ready to get all the tools and tips you need to release your music independently. Powered Comes With Fries and Music ACT this 2 hour FREE workshop covers not only the digital landscape, how to develop your own pathway to release your music your way but it also draws in the tools and tips gathered from the biggest marketing tools in the industry. More information here

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Fuelling Creativity: Take It To The Stage


In this two-hour workshop, internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Michael Simic (Mikelangelo) will get to the heart how you can deliver your music in the live setting. Whatever genres you’re into, this workshop is about opening up your potential and how you can best showcase your work. More information here