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Let Music Liv

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📣International Make Music Day is a global celebration of music. In Canberra, MusicACT is throwing a jam concert to celebrate our music scene and advocate for laws to let music live. You can play, too, alongside SAFIA, Hands Like Houses, Citizen Kay, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers and YOUNG MONKS.

Enjoy a song from each act on the #SoulDefender, then join with your own voice or instrument for the two finales. Just register to participate with our simple online form below and get practicing. 👇

We’ll provide sound technicians to mix and amplify your music, so we really need the form. No amps, please. 👇

Everyone will be performing two classic songs together. Join us and let music live in Canberra.

(Planning Minister) 'Give Me One Reason' (to Stay Here) – Tracy Chapman
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‘Seven Nation Army’ – The White Stripes (led by Hands Like Houses and YOUNG MONKS)
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Between songs by some of Canberra’s most successful musical exports we’ll hear a poem from the former owner of Toast and plans forward from Greens Leader Minister Rattenbury and the President of MusicACT. Do something different on your lunc break this Friday. Bring an instrument, or your voice, and come down to the next cultural graveyard of Canberra. Or will Garema Place be given certainty by the planning minister and let music live!


A new hotel approved for development in Garema Place will silence civic bars and venues. Garema Place was the last spot in the city for new music venues. And Waldorf Hotel has already closed Toast Club and dampened Transit Bar. Where are venues meant to open when the whole city is peppered with hotels and residential towers?

Here’s how the current laws are killing the future of Canberra music: Sound limits are too low and levels are measured on the perimeter of the venue. In NewActon, jazz on a Friday afternoon was stopped by the threat of a $10,000 fine because an old grump complained, measuring the sound from his balcony perimeter (thin air). Inner- city precincts should allow the co-habitation of venues and apartments by measuring sound inside apartments with windows closed. This means apartments will be quiet inside and venues don’t have to close.

What about requiring double glazing etc?

Current sound laws are enforced by complaints. Garema Place is constantly over the limit, but no-one complains because no-one sleeps there. A new hotel will see complaints roll in and venues silenced to under 50dBA on their perimeter. That’s impossible for live music and

most clubs.  Current laws have already shut down venues and seriously discourage people from opening new venues. We need new sound laws to protect current venues and give confidence to new ones.  Intentions for a cool capital are contradicted by planning and sound laws. To read more about the legislative issues, view MusicACT’s Cool Little Capital Report here

Show your support to let music live.