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Kickstart 101: Recording, What Are Your Options? Day 1

Are you a musician or band wanting to record your music for the first time, or you have gone down one path, and having made a recording now think it wasn’t the right one for you?

MusicACT's Kickstart 101: Recording, What Are Your Options? Will put the choices before you and help you find the best path to record your precious creativity. You will meet the finest ACT music recording geniuses we can find, they are communicators who will engage with you and help you figure out what is your best recording option.

To get started you will have experience money can't buy, travelling on a bus tour and visiting the ACT's most interesting music recording environments and studios that will rapidly grow your understanding of processes and the available technology.

Day 1 - The Excursion

MusicACT will take you on a minibus excursion to ACT’s music recording setups that demonstrate the three broad options:

1. DIY Recording setup that can be accessed from home and on your devices.

2. Project studio, personal or professional set up focussed on a music genre or specialised music interest

3. Fully professional contemporary commercial recording studio

Day 2 - Workshop

Recording workshop with our recording geniuses will focus on helping you figure out what you want to achieve with your music recording including strategies on how to mix and match the recording options and technological capabilities to drive creative outcomes and value. The discussion will include how to determine and communicate your music recording ambition or vision in a professional music recording setting.

How to participate: 

RSVP to and include a 50-70 word cover note as to why you think the workshop would benefit your music career.

How to book: 

Approved applicants will receive an email confirmation.