Cool Little Capital - ACT Live Music Action Plan

Cool Little Capital - ACT Live Music Action Plan

MusicACT and the Live Music Office were asked by the former ACT Attorney-General to report on policy changes to grow the music and performance industries. The result, Cool Little Capital, is a 25 point action plan touching on issues across the whole of government. 

Canberra has an established and growing live music sector and increasing cultural industries. The current groundswell in national and international media on Canberra’s liveability and ‘cool’ factor highlights an increasingly vibrant local culture.

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MusicACT Launch Professional Development Program

With the support from ArtsACT, MusicACT have launched a music industry professional development program which the aims to amplify the ACT music scene. MusicACT offers three professional development streams:

  1. Kickstart 101: Workshops that provide the tools to “Kickstart” music careers thanks to a series of structured workshops led by music industry experts and other leading professionals.

  2. MusicChats: Featuring storytelling and lively interactive panel discussions with invited music industry leaders and experts who have paid their dues and have got something important to share with ACT music industry.

  3. Fuelling Creativity: Specialist creative workshops that open up and reveal the creative process by sharing and leveraging the experience of great Australian and ACT creative leaders, organisations and technology.

MusicACT also joins with the local music industry and national partners to present events on leading music industry issues, we will celebrate music industry success and wherever we can support and showcase musicians and their creativity.