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ANU School of Music Building 100, William Herbert Place, Canberra, ACT, 0200
02 6125 5767

Llewellyn Hall

Named after the School of Music's founding director Ernest Llewellyn, Llewellyn Hall is Canberra's premier concert venue. It offers one of the finest acoustic spaces in Australia in which to showcase musical performance. Llewellyn Hall has comprehensive audio visual, audio and lighting production facilities for conferences, panel discussions, lectures and interviews. We also offer full audio and video recording services for broadcast and archival purposes. We also have “in house” facilities for high quality live video streaming.
Opening Hours of Venue: 
The building is open Monday to Friday 0800-2200, Saturday 0900-2200, and closed on Sunday. Access to the internal venue spaces can be provided by venue management.
Opening Hours of Office: 
Monday – Friday; 0900 - 1700
Are there different opening times for the venue for a performance compared to a rehearsal? If so please state: 
Is the venue closed on any public holidays or other dates during the year?: 
Please check with management to confirm hours of public holiday operation. All ANU buildings are closed (including Llewellyn Hall) between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Technical Facilities
Sound system: 
PA System: Llewellyn Hall is equipped with a JBL ‘Array’ System L-C-R configuration, FB: 4x Yamaha MSR400 powered speakers, 4x foldback sends; mic lines from stage to bio box or FOH mix positions (in stalls). There is a bio box on level 7 and two auditorium mixing positions. Mixing from the auditorium requires the removal of several banks of seats and must be indicated on the Hirer’s Planning Form before the hire period commences. Signal Processing: DBX Processing for FOH and backstage distribution Microphones: Mics are stocked for a wide range of applications. For further information contact the venue technical manager. Mixer: The venue mixer is a Roland M-400 Digital Mixing Console with EQ and FX processing which comes with 32 lines from stage to bio box and front of house stalls. Signal Processing: Processing is through a JBL System Processor (house set).
Sound engineer: 
Llewellyn Hall can supply a number of experienced sound engineers to rig and operate sound equipment for any type of event.
The lighting standard rig is configured as a full stage open white concert wash. Colour and other effects can be supplied. Please contact the venue for further information. Standard Rig: The Venues Technical Officer can supply a standard rig lighting plan and patch allocation diagram. Each patch point is limited to 2.5Kw. (Note: FOH bars 1 and 2 are accessed from catwalks, LX bars 1 to 4 are accessed by electric winches at stage level). Control Desk: The venue supplies an ETC ION 2000. Dimmer Racks: The venue has 76 channels rated at 2.5Kw each. Stage Power: 3 x Wilco 5 pin 32A outlets, with an additional 3 phase outlet available from side stage. DMX: DMX is available on all catwalks, bars and stage. Follow Spots: The venue can provide 2 Lycian Super Arc 400 HTI with 5 colour magazines.
Llewellyn Hall has a flat, raised stage with Tasmanian ironbark floor boards. All wing panels and the rear soundboard are motorised and can be custom positioned. Stage Depth: With the soundboard in its furthest up-stage position, the stage is 13m deep. With the soundboard in its furthest down-stage position the stage is 6.8m deep. Stage Width: The stage is 19.5m at the front edge. The Hall does not have a flying system apart from the designated lighting bars. However, there is a bar to which you can attach banners or light scenery cloths. The banner bar is part of the moving sound board and is operated by a hand winch. Auditorium: The auditorium has raked, fixed seating in both stalls and the horseshoe shaped upper gallery. Layout is continental in style, with no centre aisle. Rigging points are available in the venue but are engineered on a case by case basis. Please contact the Venues Technical Officer for further information. Hirers may hire in show specific equipment, provided it is fully tagged and tested.
Does the venue have any sound restrictions: 
Llewellyn Hall is designed as a shell within a shell and is well insulated front outside noise.
If the venue is not on the ground floor, are there any ramps or lifts for loading heavy equipment: 
Access to Llewellyn Hall for road cases and scenery elements is through the front door of the venue. Goods can be unloaded from the circular driveway on William Herbert Place (there is no loading ramp). This is at the discretion of venue management and is subject to approval prior to arrival. Ramp/Incline to stage door from front door of venue: approximately 25 degrees, the corridor width is 1.7m at narrowest point and the corridor height is 2.2m at lowest point
Can event managers bring in their own sound and/or lights: 
Hirer’s of the venue have full access to our technical facilities and are welcome to use any/all of their own facilities.
General Facilities
Seating capacity: 
1335 seats – Stalls: 960, Gallery: 375 The stalls can also have mid-auditorium drapes installed for a more intimate audience of approximately 600.
Security provided: 
One security guard is on site after office hours Monday to Saturday. The building is closed on Sunday. Security services can be arranged for after hours and Sunday events. This will incur an additional charge.
Door person provided: 
All front of house and technical staff are provided by the venue. The number of staff depends on the requirements of the event and the venue or venues used. Sunday events incur penalty rates for all staff. These charges are covered by the hirer.
Kitchen options: 
Limited kitchen facilities are available on site. External caterers are permitted, but we can also recommend suppliers for catering if desired.
Bar options: 
Llewellyn Hall is a licenced venue, and public events will usually have at least one licenced bar operational with PayPass, EFTPOS, and cash facilities. For large events, additional bars can be provided and a pre-purchase system for interval drinks is available. Hirer’s may provide their own wines, however these must be served by RSA trained venue staff.
Air conditioning available: 
All venues are fully air conditioning and temperature controlled.
Greenroom and dressing rooms?: 
We have a number of Green Room and Dressing Room facilities to suite all types of events from large to small. We also have function spaces which can host receptions for 10 to 160 people.
Cleaning Policy: 
All front of house areas are professionally cleaned each day. This cost is included in the venue hire. In addition a cleaner can be provided for each event as required.
Number of Toilets: 
There are male and female toilet facilities located on each level of each building – ground floor, main foyer, gallery foyer and the Peter Karmel Building main foyer. There are accessible toilets located in the main foyers of each building.
Disabled Toilets: 
There are disabled toilets located in each of the main foyers.
Fire Exits?: 
There are nine fire exits located inside the Llewellyn Hall; four in the stalls, three in the gallery and two backstage. There are also multiple fire exits in both the Larry Sitsky Recital Room and the Big Band Room. All spaces meet Australian Building Code standards for emergency egress.
Does the venue have available instruments on the premises?: 
Musical instruments are available for hire including concert grands, several period keyboard instruments (including a harpsichord), and an Allen organ. A wide variety of percussion instruments can be sourced and hired from the ANU School of Music which is located within the building.
Is there a dance floor: 
Parking facilities
What parking facilities are available?: 
The Australian National University has several car parks adjacent to the building, and it is a short walk from a privately operated multi-story paid car park on Marcus Clarke Street.
Is it paid parking?: 
During business hours (0900 – 1700), parking on campus at the Australian National University is paid and may be reserved for permit holders only. Outside these hours parking is free. Please note the parking rules for each car park as they differ slightly between locations.
Is the space suitable for a performance, a rehearsal or a teaching venue?: 
Llewellyn Hall is a purpose built concert hall but is a versatile space which can be used for many different events. The hall and associated spaces may also be used for rehearsals, teaching, conferences, meetings, graduations and more.
Does the venue have a typical market segment: 
Llewellyn Hall attracts people of all ages and backgrounds and is recognised by local audiences as being Canberra’s premier classical music venue with a growing reputation for contemporary popular performance. Both stage and auditorium are accessible to wheelchair users.
If the venue is a more specific style of establishment, what is it: 
Llewellyn Hall is most suited as a concert hall for classical music but is a versatile space which can be used for many types of performance or function.
Fees and Charges
Hire rates: 
Please contact the Venue Manager on for a current list of hire rates.
Llewellyn Hall currently has a ticketing contract with Ticketek Australia. Separate arrangements for non-profit organisations may be possible.
Insurance provided or expected: 
Each hirer of Llewellyn Hall is required to hold a current Public Liability Insurance policy with a minimum of $10,000,000 cover.
Cancellation policy: 
Cancellation of a contract within 30 days of the date of the event will incur a fee. For a full description of fees and policy, contact the venue.
Disabilities Facilities and Access
Is there a ramp to the building?: 
There are two main entrances to Llewellyn Hall. Both of these are level access from the surrounding car parks.
Does the building have multiple floors? Are there internal ramps?elevators available?: 
Both main entrances to Llewellyn Hall provide wheelchair access from the surrounding car parks. There are multiple levels in the building with elevators and/or ramps accessing each level.
Sound Insulation
Is the venue insulated from the outside noise?: 
All venues are well insulated and incur no outside noise.
Is the venue close to a main/noisy road?: 
Marketing and Ticketing
Does the venue provide its own advertising for performances?: 
Llewellyn Hall offers website coverage, and internal event poster and digital marketing opportunities at no extra cost.
What are the requirements for ticketing? Does the venue take a cut? Is there a compulsory company to sell tickets through?: 
Ticketek Australia is contracted to sell tickets for all events at Llewellyn Hall.
Recording Facilities
Are there recording facilities?: 
The venue can provide recording services for any event, either audio only or single fixed camera video recording. These recordings are not broadcast quality and are meant for archival use only. Any external professional recording for broadcast may incur a fee. For more information, contact the Venues Technical Officer.
Teaching Room Information
Size of rooms?: 
There are number of teaching rooms available at various sizes. Contact the Events and Venues Coordinator on 02 6125 5767 for more information.