Deanna Riddell
ANU School of Music Building 100, William Herbert Place, Canberra, ACT, 0200
02 6125 5767

ANU School of Music Big Band Room

The Peter Karmel Building consists of the multi-functional Big Band Room that holds 145 removable seats and cabaret tables, and can be used for a variety of roles including, jazz, rock and classical concerts, rehearsals, conferences, functions and receptions. It is equipped with a colour and white lighting rig and a fully functional audio system.
Opening Hours of Venue: 
Monday – Friday: 0800-2200; Saturday: 0900-2200; Sunday: 1000 – 1700
Opening Hours of Office: 
Monday – Friday, 0900 – 1700
Are there different opening times for the venue for a performance compared to a rehearsal? If so please state: 
Is the venue closed on any public holidays or other dates during the year?: 
All ANU buildings are closed for stand down between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Technical Facilities
Sound system: 
1 x Sony DMR-100 Digital Mixing Console 4 x Mackie SRM450 powered speakers hung as FOH 2 x Mackie SRM450 powered speakers hung as Rear 3 x Behringer Ultra-Curve Stereo Digital Graphic EQ 1 x Tascam CDRW 411 CD recorder 1 x XY pattern condenser microphone pair for recording Microphones and stands available upon request.
Sound engineer: 
The School of Music has a number of experienced Sound Engineers to assist and operate the sound equipment for any type of event in any of its venues.
Jands 12 Chanel FPX dimmer Minim LSC 12ch Lighting Console A small selection of theatre lamps are placed over performance area. A simple 3 colour overhead wash and FOH are preconfigured. Houselights are controlled from the LSC Console. Worklights/fluoros controlled by touch panel in entrance and biobox.
Carpeted flooring for audience and stage space (Carpet can be lifted upon request). The venue is all flat floor (unraked) but has additional gallery seating (up to 115 on ground level & 32 in gallery). Staging area is 7m deep x 11m wide. Rostra (w/l/h): (Treads are available to suit) 8 x 1.8m x 1.2m x 200mm high 8 x 1.8m x 1.2m x 800mm high 8 x 1.8m x 1.2m x 400mm high 8 x 1.8m x 1.2m x 1m high 8 x 1.8m x 1.2m x 600mm high 4 x 1.2m x 1.2m x 400mm high Chairs: 100 (maximum) Music Stands: 80 (maximum)
Does the venue have any sound restrictions: 
Can event managers bring in their own sound and/or lights: 
Hirer’s of the venue have full access to our technical facilities and are welcome to use any/all of their own facilities.
General Facilities
Total capacity: 
145 Seats, two tiers
Security provided: 
One security guard is on site outside of office hours, when the building is open. The building can be arranged to be opened longer than standard operating hours prior to an event. This will include additional security charges.
Door person provided: 
All Usher and Door staff are provided by the venue. These staff charges are covered by the hirer. The number of staff depends on the details of the event and the venue/s used.
Kitchen options: 
No kitchen facilities are available on site. Catering is allowed to be supplied.
Bar options: 
Public concerts will usually have one cash bar operational. For large audiences, we provide additional bars and a pre-purchase system for interval drinks.
Air conditioning available: 
Air conditioning/temperature control is always operational through the School of Music building
Greenroom and dressing rooms?: 
We have a number of Green room and Dressing room facilities to suite all types of event from large too small. We also have venues available to host VIP receptions for 10 – 160 people.
Cleaning Policy: 
All venues and foyers are cleaned throughout each week. In addition to this a cleaner is provided for the duration of an event. The cost of this is included in the hire.
Number of Toilets: 
There are Male & Female toilet facilities located on each level of each of the venues – Ground Floor, Main Foyer, Gallery Foyer and the Peter Karmel building main foyer. There are disabled toilets located in the main foyers of each building.
Disabled Toilets: 
There are disabled toilets located in each of the main foyers.
Fire Exits?: 
There are also multiple fire exits in the Big Band Room.
Does the venue have available instruments on the premises?: 
Concert Pianos, Period Keyboard instruments (inc. harpsichord), Organ, Percussion instruments, and many more. Hire of these instruments are subject to availability.
Is there a dance floor: 
Parking facilities
What parking facilities are available?: 
The Australian National University has a large number of parking spaces available surrounding the School of music.
Is it paid parking?: 
Parking during business hours (0800 – 1700) is paid parking. Parking outside of these hours is free.
Is the space suitable for a performance, a rehearsal or a teaching venue?: 
Suitable for all.
Does the venue have a certain style of décor: 
Modern, music space with polished wooden floors and sound attenuated.
If the venue is a more specific style of establishment, what is it: 
The Big Band Room’s acoustics lend itself to be a great space for jazz and other types of amplified concerts.
Fees and Charges
Hire rates: 
Please contact the Events & Venues Coordinator for a current list of Hire Rates.
Community discount rate: 
Contact the venue for information regarding community music discount rates and procedures.
Ticketing service is run through the ANU School of Music
Insurance provided or expected: 
Each hirer is required to hold a current Public Liability Insurance policy with a minimum of $10,000,000 cover
Cancellation policy: 
For a full description of fees and policy, contact the venue
Disabilities Facilities and Access
Is there a ramp to the building?: 
Yes, fully accessible
Does the building have multiple floors? Are there internal ramps?elevators available?: 
Yes there are both internal ramps and elevators available.
Sound Insulation
Is the venue insulated from the outside noise?: 
All venues are well insulated and incur no outside noise.
Is the venue close to a main/noisy road?: 
Marketing and Ticketing
Does the venue provide its own advertising for performances?: 
Yes, the ANU School of Music offers performances to advertise on its website and provides internal advertising.
What are the requirements for ticketing? Does the venue take a cut? Is there a compulsory company to sell tickets through?: 
Ticketing for the Big Band Room is to be run by internal ticketing.
What are the rates for a rehearsal space?: 
Please contact the Events & Venues Coordinator for a current list of Hire Rates.
Recording Facilities
Are there recording facilities?: 
There are Audio and Video recording options in each of the venues. This is subject to availability and incurs additional charges.
What is the quality of these facilities?: 
All recordings are to be done by the in house venues technician and are of a high standard.
Is there an induction process to use said facilities or is there a desired technician?: 
For more information on this, contact the Venues Technical Officer on 02 6125 5054.
Teaching Room Information
Size of rooms?: 
There are number of teaching rooms available at various sizes. Contact the Events and Venues Coordinator on 02 6125 5767 for more information.