Music Industry Inside Out: A Professional Development Community

Kicking off a career in the music industry is often a daunting task for up-and- coming musicians and entrepreneurs.

Without the right business relationships, it can be difficult to know how to bridge the gap between aspiration and a successful career in the music industry. Now, there is a professional development resource – aptly named Music Industry Inside Out – specifically designed to answer those queries, unlocking the secrets of the Australian music industry one question at a time.
The brainchild of long-time music industry professional Martine Cotton, Music Industry Inside Out is a members- based digital resource providing bite- sized video interviews with acclaimed artists and members of the music industry.

Launched in October 2014, members are made privy to information such as how to book gigs, self- management techniques, tips on technology and preparing for an international tour, among much more.

The idea for Music Industry Inside Out blossomed out of Martineʼs travels around regional and remote Queensland running music business workshops. “It struck me that most young musicians and their music-mad friends who want to be band managers or put on their own music events, have no-one to ask questions to,” she says. “There is no way to really learn and understand how to create their own music careers unless they move to the cities – and even then, it can take years to build up your network of contacts and understand how it all works. They are all so hungry for knowledge and it devastated me to know that so much talent was going to waste because of lack of information and opportunities available to these people.”
Martine is well-placed to be sharing advice, she has had a long established career in the music industry. From running and booking one of the countryʼs most iconic venues to working as program manager for a key industry body, she has also worked on big and small conferences and produced events like the Queensland Music Awards.

With 25 years in the industry, there are few people she hasnʼt worked with or alongside. From managing bands, music events, national tours, promoting international touring bands and running her own booking agency and music business services, there is little she doesnʼt know about the industry. It is this experience and her immense passion for the local scene that has seen her branch out to establish Music Industry Inside Out.

The Music Industry Inside Out membership site kicked off in October 2014, allowing access to the 350-plus videos online from 28 different speakers across 23 course modules. Martine has spent much of the past 8 months cajoling her music industry peers to spend an hour in front of the camera sharing their advice and insights. Every week a new course video unit has been added from leading industry figures so that - at the time of writing, 39 mentors have shared their advice on different topics at various levels ranging from beginner modules to masterclasses.
There are also free resources such as the ʻSavvy Sevenʼ series, which provides local advice from some of Australiaʼs hottest young bands and the insightful weekly feature ʻA Week in the Life Of...ʼ, offering a rare glimpse into the working weeks of notable industry figures. Regular how-to articles also add to the knowledge database for regular readers.

“Members will get access to all course content, guest articles, forums, a mentor hook-up service and will also receive a monthly newsletter chock-full of music news, opportunities, events and a round-up of whatʼs new on the site,” she says. “There is also an Australian Music Industry Event Calendar and our comprehensive roundup of Music Industry Jobs from around the country, a fantastic glossary of music business terms and a database of valuable resources from around the globe.”

Martine says the Music Industry Inside Out resource will provide greater access to a shared knowledge base of contemporary and changing music industry practices, specific mentor programs for training and a better understanding of strategic planning required to grow within the industry. “It is my ambition to assist musicians and all those hard-working
music industry workers to develop a strong, healthy industry that can provide a viable, sustainable lifestyle for its members,” she says. “A rising tide lifts all boats: a well-informed industry will inevitably improve its own sustainability. Plus, well, that warm gooey feeling you get when you help people really rocks.”

There are a variety of membership options, starting from $20 for individual monthly memberships (or $150 per year), as well as a variety of tiers for small music communities (5-9 members) up to major organisations and universities (70-plus members).

To sign up for a membership or for more information, please visit: