Alice Cottee
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No Hausfrau

Much like a cigar in a smoking jacket perched elegantly on a velvet encrusted bench, this outfit digs the grit. Affronted by Alice Cottee (you may recall her sultry swagger from the Andi & George Band), this heart-string filled folk league just wants to hold you. Did we mention strings? Two guitars (Lachlan Coventry & Miss Alice), a double bass (Tom Carruthers) and a fiddle (Pandora Holliday). You might notice a rather zesty drummer (Anthony John Irving) keeping it real up the back, perfecting the balance between la-di-da and jungle beast. 2012 has already delivered the band as finalists in the Musicoz awards, and will see a debut EP release & mini-tour in Spring. Alice's raw songwriting and velvet coated voice have previously taken her to festivals including Woodford & WOMADelaide. Supports to date include Tim Rogers, Laura Jean, Jenny Hval, Jackie Marshall & Jimmy Webb (US). Folk/Alternative Rock/Jazz/Sazz, it’s all there, engulfed in melodic ritual. If you must have a mental comparison, we might suggest My Brightest Diamond & Susanne Vega meets Johnny Cash while eating sushi off Tia Carrere.
Contemporary Suburban Folk Rock
How many members: 
Who are you influenced by: 
We’re fans of my small chap Jago (2yrs). He has created some credible versions of your traditional nursery rhymes, for example his bogan metal rendition of twinkle twinkle on bongoes. He busts a move with his ukulele at our jams, and reminds us to keep it honest and carefree. Also enamoured by the greats....Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Imogen Heap, Suzanne Vega
Tech requirements for each member: 
Kick – B52, D112, M88, etc Snare top – Audix i5, B57, SM57 Tom 1 Tom 2 OH L –¬ LDC or SDC OH R –¬ LDC or SDC Bass –¬ DI Violin –¬ DI (effects pedal has XLR out, DI req’d as backup) Acou GTR –¬ DI Electric GTR 1 –¬ SM57, M69, etc¬¬ Electric GTR 2 - SM57, M69, etc¬¬ Pedal steel (GTR 3) - SM57, M69, etc¬¬
Average set time: 
60 minutes or more
Minimum fee: 
$500 (neg)
What constitutes your ideal gig: 
A hidden place somewhere underground, with many candles Sleazy dark bars and theatres are grand Accompanied with any form of weather, daylight or moonlight, fabulous food and drink
Three other Canberra bands you enjoy sharing a stage with: 
Cracked Actor/Sebastian Field Cromwell Zoopagoo
What does your stage show consist of: 
A clash of moody humans, brought to life by decade-crossing costuming and good hairstyling Emotive storytelling within melodic ritual. We build the dynamic then destroy it softly.
What is your general sound level: 
Very soft to very hard