Freyja's Rain

Freyja's Rain have been inspiring Canberra audiences for 3 years with their catchy tunes! Jenny Sawer's soulful voice weaves heartfelt lyrics with a unique style influenced by blues, jazz and gospel. Inspired by musicians such as Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell and Adele, she sings of love, loss and being outrageous! Combined with Alan Hilvert-Bruce's elegant guitar, Taylor Dean's driving bass and Mark Lever's jazz-inspired drumming, Freyja's Rain are a tight outfit that always get crowds singing and dancing along! They are releasing their first full-length album “Outrageous” in 2012! It will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, directly through their websites and at gigs! Band websites:
Roots, Blues, Folk
How many members: 
Who are you influenced by: 
Eva Cassidy, Adele, Joni Mitchell, Kimbra, Tori Amos, Laura Marling, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ash Grunwald, Mia Dyson
Tech requirements for each member: 
Jenny Sawer - Vocal mic, DI for acoustic guitar Alan Hilvert-Bruce - Vocal mic, mic to mic up elec guitar amp Taylor Dean - Vocal mic, bass amp Mark Levers - Vocal mic, mics to mic up drum kit
Average set time: 
45 min per set, 3 sets max
Minimum fee: 
What constitutes your ideal gig: 
Playing to an appreciative, relaxed crowd at a groovy venue (cafe/pub/restaurant/private function)
Three other Canberra bands you enjoy sharing a stage with: 
Three Quarters Hazel, Scatterpuss, Ruth O'Brien
What does your stage show consist of: 
Basic 4-piece, no costumes, no special lighting, what you see/hear is what you get!
What is your general sound level: