Davesway’s music can be described as an earthy acoustic sound with an honest Australian flavour and has been described as a fusion of Redgum, Paul Kelly and Pete Murray all infused with Dave’s stories & experiences. With the ability to entertain any type of crowd from a rowdy pub to the relaxed atmosphere of a winery or cafe restaurant, he is well known for his versatility. Davesway career highlights include supporting Shannon Noll, the Swiss tours, supporting “British India” & “The McClymonts”.
Folk - singer songwriter
How many members: 
Who are you influenced by: 
Paul Kelly, Counting Crows, The Waifs
Tech requirements for each member: 
one fold back, 2 di's 2 mics. I can provide my own PA if required.
Average set time: 
3 hours
Minimum fee: 
What constitutes your ideal gig: 
Although I am extremely versatile I prefer when there is an intimacy in a venue I can play into this very well and thoroughly enjoy it
Three other Canberra bands you enjoy sharing a stage with: 
Ban Chan, Jack Billman, Riley Cathrell
What does your stage show consist of: 
I can provide my whole production. I have a loop pedal, guitar, stomp box and two vocal mics (one for looping) I prodive lighting that is depending on the venue and type of gig what the type of lighting i will use
What is your general sound level: 
low to medium. Although if need be can be increased but prefer to play according to venues needs.