Dene Burton
46 Lhotsky St Charnwood

Tru Sound Music

Tru Sound Music is a project recording studio setup in Charnwood ACT. our primary activity is to provide professional quality recording, mixing, editing and mastering, to provide musicians and other clients with all the resources for putting together a recording project from beginning to end. our secondary activity is to provide guitar tuition, for individuals or groups in the Belconnen area (North Canberra). Tru Sound Music also offers resources to clients such as equipment rentals, live sound engineering and a production management consultancy service. the main recording engineer, Dene Burton is also the owner, and takes pride in providing a comfortable, yet professional service. Other engineers also assist from time to time, depending on Dene's availability. Dene has been involved in performance, live sound, audio recording for bands and individuals and corporate video recording and editing along with music and tuition for over 20 years.
Business Type: 
Secondary business type: 
Post Production
What type of business do you provide: 
We provide recording services for bands, individuals, choirs for all types of music ranging from country music through to heavy metal. Along with that we provide voice over recording services for commercial and government clients, as well as basic mastering services. In addition we provide guitar tuition from beginner electric to intermediate acoustic players. We can put together backing tracks for singer/songwriters looking to bring something more to their demos ... from simply an acoustic guitar backing through to full bands in many different genres.
Do you have a speciality: 
Our speciality (and personal inclination) is towards country/rock/pop but we are certainly not limited by that preference.
Career highlights: 
Under Construction ....